The Transformative Power of Spotify Songwriter Sessions

The Transformative Power of Spotify Songwriter Sessions

Spotify is more than just a music streaming service. It is also a platform that celebrates and supports the songwriters and producers who create the music we love. Through various programs and tools, Spotify aims to empower the creative community behind the music and help them reach new audiences and opportunities. One of the programs that Spotify offers is Songwriter Sessions, which are collaborative workshops that bring together emerging songwriters and producers with established artists, engineers, and mentors. These sessions allow participants to learn from each other, exchange feedback, and create new songs.

Some songs from Songwriter Sessions include Dua Lipa’s “Hallucinate” and 21 Savage’s “a lot.” These sessions also help songwriters and producers build their network and reputation in the industry. One of the participants who benefited from Songwriter Sessions was Ines Dunn, a student at the East London Academy of Music when she attended a dance and electronic music session in 2019. Since then, she has co-written songs for Mimi Webb, Maisie Peters, Becky Hill, and others.

Ines Dunn says the session was “an incredible experience” and “a massive stepping stone.”

Spotify hosts dozens of Songwriter Sessions globally every year, with different themes and genres. Some sessions focus on supporting marginalized talents, such as R&B writers, women, and non-binary creators. Some sessions are also linked to Spotify’s RADAR program, which helps emerging artists reach new audiences.

Songwriter Sessions are part of Spotify’s Notable initiative, which aims to empower the creative community behind the music. Notable also includes Songwriter Pages, which showcase the work and credits of songwriters and producers; Written By Playlists, which highlight their diverse catalogs; Spotify for Publishing, which provides analytics and insights for publishers; and Notable Studios, which offer free studio time in various cities.

Songwriter Pages allow collaborators, industry partners, and fans to dive deeper into the creators behind some of their favorite songs. They are accessible from Song Credits on Spotify. Tayla Parx, who has written songs with Ariana Grande, Janelle Monáe, and many others, says that having a Songwriter Page allows her fans to connect with her differently, as a songwriter, not just as an artist.

Written By Playlists are curated playlists that gather together each songwriter’s or producer’s songs to provide a listening experience that showcases the diversity of their work for fans and the industry at large. Parx says that having a Written By Playlist makes it easier for her to keep up with the latest coming from her and to align with brands and different partners.

Spotify for Publishing is a free tool that allows publishers to view analytics across their catalogs, see which playlists are driving engagement, view real-time trends, see data on cover versions of a composition, and track daily streaming stats. Paris Kirk, who leads Spotify Songwriter Relations, says this tool helps publishers identify streaming trends to hone in on sync and collaboration opportunities for songwriters.

Notable Studios are state-of-the-art studios that Spotify provides for songwriters and producers to book free studio time in Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, Toronto, and London. These studios are equipped with professional gear and staffed by experienced engineers. They also host events such as masterclasses, panels, showcases, and networking sessions. Notable is also a multifaceted resource for songwriters, producers, and publishers, providing information and advice tailored to their community. Notable shares the stories of writers and producers like Parx delves into the songwriting process via the Song Start video and podcast series, and provides opportunities to connect with others in the industry.

By providing these programs and tools for songwriters and producers, Spotify is helping shape the future of music.

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